1,000 Engineers A Year To Benefit From Unique e-Learning System

In what is believed to be a world first, EDGECAM’s Indian reseller, Kriatec Services, are partnering with a Government-funded skill training provider to launch an e-learning internet platform to bring technology-led training “to the masses.”

After two years of development, Kriatec created a four-week e-learning programme with downloadable software, worked examples, and self-assessment examinations.

And they are now working with Government-funded training partner Central Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC), Bhubaneswar in order to reach a mass market. CTTC have centres in India’s leading industrial and development areas, training tens of thousands of young engineers each year.

Kriatec Director Ajitha Prabu says: “CTTC are unique, in that they not only provide conventional training, they also have large, modern and well-equipped production facilities for their students to engage in a real work experience, producing parts for some of the leading high technology companies in India.”

It has been his long-standing ambition to use the internet to bring EDGECAM training to a large number of students, and now, by partnering with CTTC Kriatec are aiming to train 1,000 students in the first year, growing to 10,000 by the fifth year.

When trainees complete the four-week e-learning course they enter to CTTC, Bhubaneswar Centre to undertake a period of practical training before deciding whether to continue onto to a full-time one-to-three-year course.

“This is certainly the only venture of its kind in India, and we think possibly globally, too, in that Kriatec and CTTC are bringing e-learning, conventional training and practical workplace experience together, in one seamless package.”
And Sibasis Maity, Managing Director of CTTC, Bhubaneswar, India, says: “Our collaboration with Kriatec Services to provide an internet-based e-learning platform that delivers training of the world’s leading CAM software, EDGECAM, heralds a new, exciting, era in CTTC’s training offering. To pioneer is to lead, and, yet again, CTTC sets the way for others to follow.”  
Vero’s Business Development Manager Walter Wade says: “This unique initiative to introduce and train a vast audience of young engineers in the use of EDGECAM will not only enhance their skills, but will also further strengthen EDGECAM’s position as one of the world’s leading CAM solutions.”



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