Seco Innovation Event To Feature High Speed Waveform Roughing 

VISI and EDGECAM, from Vero Software, will be demonstrating their high speed waveform roughing strategy at Seco Tools’ forthcoming Inspiration Through Innovation advanced manufacturing best practice event.  
Mike Fleming, Seco Tools UK’s Sales & Marketing Manager says a total of 12 “challenging live machining demonstrations” include showcasing their existing turning, milling and hole-making cutting tool solutions along with launching new ones.

“The mainstay of the event on September 21 and 22 involves 40+ Technical Partners, which include leading machine tool builders and best-in-class CAD/CAM, work-holding, tooling, automation, CNC Training, cutting fluid, and metrology and inspection solution specialists.”

As well as showcasing their latest releases of software to enable end-users to be more efficient and productive in metal cutting applications, both VISI and EDGECAM will be demonstrating the game-changing Waveform roughing strategy on a DMG Mori DMU85 monoBLOCK 5-axis machining centre.

The demonstrations on the DMU85 will use a range of Seco’s brand new Jabro milling technology, and will utilise both VISI and EDGECAM’s Waveform high speed machining strategy. VISI will be driving a roughing program using Seco JS8554 8mm cutters on P20 Mould and Die type steel, while EDGECAM will be cutting Titanium with Seco’s helical milling cutter Square T4-08 and Seco Solid Carbide Jabro JS720 and JS730 6 Flute design.
Wesley Tonks, Vero’s EMEA Strategic Partnership Manager, says: “These tooling technologies, used in conjunction with Vero’s Waveform Roughing Strategy, will improve process performance in both material removal capability and tool life.”
Vero will also be showing visitors their high speed 3D viewer which directly displays and evaluates 3D CAD files without the need for the original CAD application. WORKXPLORE has been created to efficiently import and analyse all file types and sizes at high speed. It often takes less than half the time to open a file compared to the original CAD application.

Seco Tools UK’s ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ advanced manufacturing best-practice event is taking place at the company’s Technology Centre in Alcester, on September 21 and 22. Now in its third year, the event provides manufacturers with the opportunity to see, first-hand, a number of innovative and challenging machining demonstrations and attend a series of leading-edge seminars.

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