EDGECAM’s Latest Lunch & Learn Event Provided Attendees the Opportunity to See EDGECAM Workflow in Action

Adaptive Technology Solutions, along with EDGECAM, Superior Equipment Solutions (SES) and Melin Tool, hosted a Lunch and Learn Productivity Day on Wednesday, April 2nd at the SES facility in Franklin, OH.  The full day event provided attendees the opportunity to explore innovative ways to improve their programming and machining process, allowing them to appreciate greater bottom line profits, while maintaining a competitive advantage in their market space.  

Attendees gained knowledge of advanced “hands on” techniques using Workflow’s Rapid Programming Technology for milling, turning, and wire EDM using traditional laptop machines and touch screen tablets.  Workflow’s intuitive interface, solid model intelligence, and knowledge base enable users to rapidly complete the 5 essential steps of CNC machine programming for prismatic parts.  Visitors also had the opportunity to discuss advanced manufacturing requirements for complex parts and machines with Application Engineers and network with their industry peers, which made for a truly productive day.

Live machining demonstrations gave delegates the opportunity to see EDGECAM in action running a variety of milling, turning, and wire EDM machines.  From the power of EDGECAM High Speed Machining (HSM) using Waveform technology on a Funuc Robodrill, advanced turning on a Feeler FT series lathe, and EDGECAM Wire on a Funuc Wire EDM, EDGECAM’s ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation was witnessed across multiple machining disciplines.
According to Adam Smith, EDGECAM Pre Sales Support Manager – Americas, “The facility at SES was a fantastic venue as we were fortunate to have multiple machines available for EDGECAM demonstrations, including a Fanuc Wire. I was enthused by the exchange of information and open dialog during the industry presentations, machining demonstrations, and the fine lunch provided by ATS.  Many thanks to SES for hosting, Melin for the tools, and of course all who presented and participated.”


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