Machine Tools Partner EDGECAM To Become Full Service Provider

A number of machine tool manufacturers used EDGECAM to program live cutting demonstrations at the MACH exhibition.  
Strategic Partnership Manager Wesley Tonks says MACH highlighted the working relationship between EDGECAM and six machine brands and agents, giving users confidence in integrating the two disciplines to produce components that would be impossible to machine by only using the technology on the control.
Machine tool companies say they partner with EDGECAM, as it is important for them to be full service providers. Alan Mucklow, Group Product Manager with Mazak Europe, says: “A critical aspect for us is to deliver a full solution for our customers’ machining needs, and that includes the right software as well as our machine. We use EDGECAM to provide the CAM part of that solution.”
Mazak used EDGECAM to program their new VTC 800 30 HD during its launch at MACH. “This heavy duty machine differs from the rest of the range in that it incorporates a 50-taper spindle. EDGECAM created toolpaths to machine specific features which demonstrated the metal removal rate and the spindle’s high torque and high power capability.”
Driven by EDGECAM, the machine is aimed at sub contractors producing components for a number of heavy duty industry sectors, including excavators, agricultural equipment, aerospace applications, marine and railways. 
Another partner, Matsuura, demonstrated the MX 850 5-axis machine with 850 diameter capability for the first time in the UK. Senior Director David Edwards says: “When we talk with customers about how to produce their parts we want to ensure that the CAM software and post processors can do exactly what’s required. That’s why we use EDGECAM.”
And he says EDGECAM’s programming demonstrated their new machine’s capabilities perfectly at MACH. The component comprised a number of features from different parts. “The full 5-axis toolpath included EDGECAM’s Waveform Roughing strategy and chamfers. All five axes were moving together, and the overall demonstration was particularly interesting to manufacturers who want to do unmanned machining. With manufacturers fully understanding the tremendous benefits of ‘one-hit’ machining, 5-axis machines are getting more popular. But the CAM software and post processors are just as important as the machine itself. If the post is wrong you’ve wasted time, effort, money and material.”
Wesley Tonks says: “Ordinary post processors are no longer good enough for today’s modern machining requirements once you come away from standard 3-axis X, Y and Z vertical machinery, to where all 5-axes are moving at the same time. And even simple 3-axis parts take a lot more time without EDGECAM toolpaths and post processors, affecting a company’s bottom line and profitability.” 
In addition, EDGECAM programmed a number of other machines providing full cutting demonstrations on the Hurco, Engineering Technology Group, ROMI and YMT Technologies stand.


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