Vero Software to Showcase Updated Versions during South-tec 2013

Vero Software to Showcase Updated Versions during South-Tec 2013

During South-Tec 2013, Vero Software’s booth #305 will bring together CAD/CAM solutions for America’s manufacturing industry by providing a wide variety of CAD/CAM solutions including SURFCAM, a powerful 3D CAM solution that achieves the balance between feature sets and ease of use, WORKNC, increases the ability to assist CNC manufacturing centers or job shops to run “lights out” with enhancements to their dynamic stock model. RADAN, the world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software, and EDGECAM, market leading CAM software for efficient NC part programming directly from native solid CAD data.

Attendees to booth #305 will have the opportunity to speak with experts and learn how the market-leading software solutions can take their businesses to the next level.

EDGECAM will be demonstrating their next generation release – Workflow. Workflow is specifically designed for manufacturers to reduce costs, improve quality, and meet shorter lead times. The new release guides the user through the programming process in four easy and quick steps – part setup, feature creation, toolpath creation, and post processing. Once each step is complete, the user moves seamlessly to the next stage, completing each process in turn, resulting in a fully programmed, fully collision-checked part with swift and accurate CNC code generated.

Workflow will have a significant impact on shortening programming time, and because it is so simple to operate, the learning curve for new users is considerably reduced. The traditional CAM commands remain available at all times, and the user can alternate between the two.

SURFCAM will be highlighting the upcoming release of SURFCAM 2014 R1, the first major release version as part of the Vero brand of CAM solutions. This new version will include Adaptive Roughing technology as well as multiple enhancements designed to deliver additional ease of use and control in Masking, Chaining, Operations Manager and Layering functionality. SURFCAM 2014 R1 will also provide users and customers complete control over their licensing via the web with the new SURFCAM Customer Portal. Updated and additional CAD translators, postprocessors and editNC are also included in the release at no additional costs to customers. SURFCAM, Inc. will also be introducing its new, cost effective, 3D modelling solution, Part Modeler. A tool specifically designed for quick and simple construction and modification of solid models with fully associative drafting capabilities.

SURFCAM continues to be an affordable and competitive solution for 2D and 3D modelling, featuring easy to use CNC programming for 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machining. SURFCAM products have been installed on more than 26,000 systems worldwide during the past 25 years. In that time, SURFCAM has grown to support 15 languages and has gained an outstanding reputation for training and providing the highest level of technical support to its customer base.

RADAN will be showcasing its unique combination of applications for profiling, punching and nesting, along with its design and production management capabilities. RADAN also offers an offline programming solution for press brakes, Radbend. Customers using Radbend achieve a high return on investment by improving machine efficiency and overcoming bottlenecks at press brakes. The combination of all enhancements in RADAN 2013 provides greater automation while still providing the operator with manual options if required. RADAN 2013 contains key enhancements to the navigational tools, increasing accessibility to functions; along with improved integration of Radbend; and the addition of color, making it easier to identify parts - both pre and post production.

WORKNC will be showing their latest release, Version 22. This new version includes new cutterpath strategies specifically for the die stamping industry, for milling die flat areas with the end or side of the tool, milling traditionally or with a plunge strategy. These cutterpaths will make programming stamping dies faster. Toolpath morphing has been introduced to provide flow line machining along continuous geometry and inside corners, increasing the surface finish and reducing the need for retracts and unnecessary tool lifts. New spiral options have been added to several finish toolpath strategies to provide constant contact on the part, and reduce any witness lines from tool lead in/out movements.

Also new with WORKNC are machine contexts. This allows for setting up the part, fixturing and clamping geometry right onto a digital model of the mill. This allows for accurate machine collision checking as well as machine limits checking during post processing.

Along with WORKNC V22, we will also be showing WorkXPlore 3D Version 3. This version of the award winning 3D CAD viewer includes a more robust geometry engine and is available in a 64 bit version. We will be passing out CD’s with a trial version of WorkXPlore 3D during SouthTec.



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