EDGECAM Cuts Tool Decision-Making

Pioneering work in Sweden reduces the decision-making that companies face when selecting a tool for EDGECAM’s specialist waveform roughing strategies. The software’s Swedish reseller Edge Technology partnered with Alfa Tool in producing strategies to assist customers starting work with waveform techniques.

EDGECAM’s strategic partnership manager, Wesley Tonks, says a similar partnership in the UK would be ideal with a solid round shank carbide tool manufacturer. “Edge Technology and Alfa Tool’s development could be brought to the UK, with manufacturers accessing a carbide tool company’s tooling portfolio in EDGECAM’s toolstore, and EDGECAM automatically selecting the right tool based on part criteria.”

Using a pre-configured tooling and material database, EDGECAM makes an initial tool selection for the material specified. The size of the tool selected is based on the physical properties of the feature, such as depth, corner radius and area. With access to that valuable manufacturing information EDGECAM applies the toolpath using waveform with the correct cutting data, DOC and radial engagement, from live test data that has been proven.

Based at Sala, in Sweden, Edge Technology worked with Seco Tools’ daughter company Alfa Tool to produce a machining demonstration at the annual Swedish EDGECAM users meeting. The demonstration was carried out by Eddie Kurist, from Alfa Tool’s Technical Sales Department. Edge Technology Managing Director Anders Brunström says Alfa Tool provided the tools for the Toolstore, and Edge Technology used their specialist knowledge of waveform roughing to develop the strategies for creating the optimum machining cycles.

Edge Technology call their new strategies Freeware, as he says they are free to use, and are aimed at helping customers start working with EDGECAM’s revolutionary Waveform roughing, which is a high speed machining technique that maintains a constant tool cutting load by ensuring a consistent tool engagement into the material.

Many manufacturers are finding that Waveform slashes their cycle times by more than 75% compared to traditional milling techniques.

“Cutting along as much of the flute length as possible distributes wear evenly along the entire flute length, rather than just the tip, massively reducing tool vibration,” says Eddie Kurist. The radial cut depth is also reduced, to ensure a consistent cutting force. It means the cut material drops away from the flute much easier, and tool life is further extended, as most of the heat is removed in the chips.” 

Concluding, Anders Brunström says: “Waveform creates a win-win situation on the shopfloor. Not only is the machining time reduced, but the tool life dramatically improves.”


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