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Webinar on EDGECAM’s New Workflow

Never had the time to look at custom macros or knowledge based machining inside EDGECAM? Join a special EDGECAM webinar on Friday May 3, to see the solution to that: a ground-breaking method of rapid manufacturing, called “Workflow” in EDGECAM 2013 R2.

With a revolutionary launch application from EDGECAM, the part will automatically load in the correct manufacturing environment with datum set.Using new ribbon toolbars, interactive part set up, stock, vice and machine selection features, means the user will be ready to apply the toolpath within seconds.

True “out of the box” machining strategies are then applied, often called toolpath accelerators, before simulation, and finally the nc code is generated.

The Workflow tools aid in loading and positioning the component, choosing the manufacturing method and suitable machine tools, adding user defined stock or stock from a database, importing fixtures, selecting a machine and toolkit, and managing strategies to automate manufacture. At each stage Workflow will make automatic decisions or suggestions as to how the goal is best achieved. However, the user can easily over-ride each automatic decision if required.

To get full information about how EDGECAM is changing the game again, and to register for one of the two Workflow webinars on Friday May 3, follow this link to the webinar page:




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