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Seco Tools has an established reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of carbide cutting tools and associated equipment and is a major force as a knowledge driven supplier of machining solutions to many leading players within industry.

Seco has over 30,000 product lines ranging from spindle tooling to the cutting edge, to cover even the most specialised machining applications. With over 5000 employees and a turnover in excess of £500 million Seco is one of the world's largest manufacturers of cutting tools and related equipment and is well placed to offer strategic technological and cost reduction partnerships to companies throughout the world.
Seco's success is due mainly to it's ability to devise competitive solutions to the proliferating technical challenges created by the advance of metal cutting technology, while having the advantage of total control of all manufacturing processes from raw material to the finished product. It is the amalgamation of all these factors which makes Seco so 'easy to do business with'.




National UGM & Productivity Day 2016 held at Seco Tools UK

EDGECAM Waveform Turning | A customer case study which realised a 90% cycle time reduction in the roughing operation

Seco Innovation through Inspiration 2015

EDGECAM Waveform Turning on a DMG Mori CTX1250.


Data Sheet | Seco Tools & DMG Mori

EDGECAM Waveform Turning comparison data demonstrating a productivity increase of 460% over traditional methods


Waveform vs TRADITIONAL Turning

EDGECAM Reseller Edge Technology AB in partnership with Seco Tools demonstrating traditional turning in comparison to Waveform Turning


Waveform Turning Duratomic

Everywhere You Turn | Advanced Turning Solutions Roadshow | EDGECAM Technical Partner to Seco Tools UK launching Waveform Turning and Duratomic

Waveform Roughing

Seco Tools  JS5541 Series Endmill machining EN19 on a Mori Seiki VMC utilising EDGECAM Waveform machining strategy.

Waveform Roughing

Seco Tools  JS5541 Series Endmill machining EN19 on a Agie Charmilles Mikron HMP600 5 Axis utilising EDGECAM Waveform machining & 5 Axis strategies.

EDGECAM Productivity Day

An EDGECAM user productivity day was held at Seco Tools UK head office, this also coincided with the 30th birthday celebrations. Check out the video to see what users of EDGECAM had to say about it.


Southern Manufacturing 2014 Exhibition Demonstration 

Aluminium Helicopter Rotor  on a Matsuura MX-520 with Seco Tools. EDGECAM programmed features include 5 Axis Simultaneous, Waveform & Chamfer Cycle.

Comparative testing of TRADITIONAL & Waveform machining with Seco Tools

Material Removal Rate increased from 29cm³ (TRADITIONAL) to 149cm³ (Waveform).

MACH 2014 Exhibition Demonstration 

Aluminium Helicopter Rotor  on a Matsuura MX-850 with Seco Tools. EDGECAM programmed features include 5 Axis Simultaneous, Thread Milling,Waveform & Chamfer Cycle

MACH 2014 Exhibition Demonstration

Aluminium Demonstration Part programmed by EDGECAM on a DMU50 Ecoline with Seco.

JKPG Metal Inspiration Days 2014  | Edge Tech Sweden working with Seco Tools

During two days, these companies have an "open house" at their facilities with a number of different seminars. We were at Stenbergs and held a seminar named From drawing to finished product - How fast can it go? 
We had two sessions each day, one in the morning and one on the afternoon. And we started the presentation with SECO who explained little about the tools and then we made the part in EDGECAM, simulated the NC code in OKUMAS software for NC code verification and after that we machined the part in an OKUMA LB3000.

Seco | Innovation Event 2014 

EDGECAM Waveform machining Titanium 6AL4V on a Mori Seiki VMC SVD 503 with Seco 770 Series Endmill and Minimaster Plus


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