Matsuura Machinery Ltd

Matsuura Machinery Ltd are recognised market leaders in the field of unmanned multi-pallet and multi-tasking CNC machine tools and their associated manufacturing process solutions. Our product portfolio spans the whole spectrum of CNC machine tools, supporting a diverse range of UK customers spanning all industrial sectors. Matsuura customers demand and receive unrivalled productivity, high accuracy and reliability from our CNC products along with service, applications and technical support that is second to none in the UK machine tool supply chain.




Matsuura Partners EDGECAM For UK Launch Of New Lights Out 5-Axis Machine

Machine tool manufacturer Matsuura partnered with EDGECAM Software at the UK launch of their new competitively priced 10 pallet, 90 tool 5-axis MX machine.


Dice 5 axis Machining on Matsuura MX-330

5 axis machining video of a metal dice on a Matsuura MX-330 5 axis Milling machine during Matsuura UK Open House 2017.

The Matsuura MAM72-100H

A series of ‘Open House’ events at Matsuura’s UK headquarters in Leicestershire demonstrated how the MAM72-100H partners with the market-leading CNC software, EDGECAM, to cost effectively machine large parts efficiently and accurately.

Southern Manufacturing 2014 Exhibition Demonstration 

Aluminium Helicopter Rotor  on a Matsuura MX-520 with Seco Tools. EDGECAM programmed features include 5 Axis Simultaneous, Waveform & Chamfer Cycle.

MACH 2014 Exhibition Demonstration 

Aluminium Helicopter Rotor on a Matsuura MX-850 with Seco Tools. EDGECAM programmed features include 5 Axis Simultaneous, Thread Milling,Waveform & Chamfer Cycle

MACH 2014 | Machine Tool Manufacturers Using EDGECAM

A number of machine tool manufacturers used EDGECAM to program live cutting demonstrations at the MACH exhibition                                                                                                                               

5-Axis Propeller Milling at Matsuura Open House 

5-Axis milling of a propeller blade at the Matsuura open house - Spindle : 12,000 RPM, Type : BT40, Coolant : Soluble, Controller : Fanuc 0i-MD, Material : Aluminium

EDGECAM created a special program incorporating 50% 5-axis simultaneous and 50% prismatic machining. Matsuura Applications Engineer Jon Tighe says: “I wanted a program for a part that drove the A-axis from 0 to 90 as one toolpath, demonstrating all 5-axes moving simultaneously. The toolpaths created in EDGECAM for our series of demonstrations to the industry over a three week period, demonstrate the machine moving extremely quickly and extremely accurately. They fully utilise Matsuura’s high speed machining system and Fanuc’s TCPC 5-axis options.”


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