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The world of machine tools has globalised. Strong alliances are necessary to tackle and master the challenges. We are bundling our resources to gain joint efficiency advantages.
Strong partnership
By combining sales and service activities, DMG MORI offers a broad product portfolio and unique market presence. The cooperation covers sales and all technical services, such as customer services, training courses and technical support. About 4,000 employees are available to assist our customers in more than 140 sales and service centres worldwide.
Together successful for our customers. DMG MORI brings together German and Japanese tradition, precision and technological leadership in machine tool building. Behind DMG MORI is the combined engineering mastery of 65 years of Mori Seiki and 143 years of GILDEMEISTER.
Innovative and solutions-based with new technologies. As one of the leaders in innovation in the industry, DMG MORI is continuously developing trend-setting products. Through its pooled innovative capacity, DMG MORI is optimising its product and service portfolios, and setting technological standards.
Global presence for our customers. DMG MORI supports you locally worldwide with more than 140 sales and service centres.
Consistently committed to meeting customer requirements. DMG MORI works tirelessly on operating efficiency and excellence so as to better meet your demands and strengthen your performance capability.




Machining Efficiency Collaboration

EDGECAM technical partner with Sandvik Coromant and DMG Mori on a NTX2000

Demonstrating high speed turning strategy Waveform with Sandvik Coromant’s Power Skiving – an efficient and cost effective method of gear production.

National UGM & Productivity Day 2016 held at Seco Tools UK

EDGECAM Waveform Turning | A customer case study which realised a 90% cycle time reduction in the roughing operation

Data Sheet | DMG Mori & Seco Tools

EDGECAM Waveform Turning comparison data demonstrating a productivity increase of 460% over traditional methods


EDGECAM Workshop day 2015

EDGECAM Workshop day 2015 at SGS Tool Company with DMG Mori.


EDGECAM Reseller Camtech

Globe being machined on a DMU60 Evo with partners Prazisionstechnik and Spaceclaim


MACH 2014 Exhibition Demonstration

Aluminium Demonstration Part programmed by EDGECAM on a DMU50 Ecoline with Seco.

Mill/turn Machining - Globe part

EDGECAM enhancing the performance capability of a DMG Mori NTX2000 – High Performance & High Efficiency integrated Mill Turn Centre. Tooling supplied by Sandvik Coromant

DMG Mori UK & Sandvik Coromant User Event

EDGECAM UGM & Productivity Event at DMG Mori UK, with Sandvik Coromant tooling.


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