Hexagon and New Acquisition Vero Exhibit Together at Siane

For the first time since Hexagon Metrology acquired Vero Software, the two companies will be exhibiting together – at Siane 2014, between October 21 and 23.
A number of Hexagon products and services on show include portable measuring arms, machine tool probing and 3D measurement.
Vero is demonstrating new features and enhancements in the latest version of EDGECAM, VISI and WORKNC, on booth S05_01 in Hall 6, at the Parc des expositions, Toulouse.
  • With unparalleled ease of use and intelligent toolpath generation, EDGECAM Workflow is the only CAD/CAM system needed for milling, turning or a combination of both. EDGECAM Workflow is designed to drive down production costs, improve quality and shorten delays. The software recognizes part topology and identifies the most appropriate production environment which speeds up the toolpath generation process. Time spent on preparing and programming toolpaths is significantly reduced. In addition, the learning curve is much shorter thanks to the software's ease of use.
  • VISI offers a wide range of complete solutions for injection mold design, including surface and solid modeling along with 2, 3 and 5 axis trade oriented machining routines, along with material flow analysis and die stamping tools incorporating progressive unfolding, blank form development and springback.
  • WORKNC is the outstanding CAD/CAM solution for 2 to 5 axis machining of complex forms. WORKNC generates high-performance, automated toolpaths offering reduced machining times, longer tool service life, high quality surface finish, better use of machine resources and quick and simple CNC programming. Spectacular gains in productivity have been achieved, which contribute to making WORKNC the closest system to a 'one click CAM solution'.
Hexagon and Vero: Booth S05_01, Hall 6


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