Three Leading Vero Brands To Exhibit at MICRONORA 2016

Three leading brands from Vero Software will present their latest versions at MICRONORA 2016, the specialized cutting-edge technology trade fair held in Besançon, France, from 27th to 30th September.

On Stands 103 and 105 in Hall C, EDGECAM, VISI and WORKNC will demonstrate their expertise in design, simulation and high precision 2 to 5 axis machining.

Vero Software has had its position as global leader in the CAM market confirmed by the 2016 CAM Software Market Analysis Report recently carried out by CIMData. The report shows how Vero has more than doubled its number of installed licences with respect to other CAM solution providers and today represents a market share of more than 22%.

MICRONORA, highly focussed in the field of microtechnologies, is a showcase for innovative technologies on offer today for markets with a high technological value. From R&D through to outsourcing in addition to production technologies, this Trade Fair benefits from an excellent reputation on an international level. For Vero, it is the perfect occasion to present its new CAD/CAM, Viewer Analyzer and Trade Oriented ERP software solutions. The wide range of applications covered by its products are used across numerous industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronic, medical device, domestic appliance markets and many others.

•    The combined turn/mill functionality in EDGECAM 2016 R2, in one single environment, provides simple and secure programming ensuring a solid base for quick and efficient program preparations. EDGECAM provides users with a full set of Mill/Turn simulation processes. All cycles and movements are taken into account along with full modelization of the machine, the tailstock and steady. The simulator itself is a powerful tool offering collision detection including a wide range of display options, allowing the user to have full control over the simulation process. The part is fully tested before mounting on the machine tool. EDGECAM includes a Workflow which is designed to reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality and obtain shorter leadtimes. The application interprets the component technology and identifies the required production environment resulting in faster toolpath generation.

•    VISI 2016 R2 offers a wide range of complete CAD solutions, including surface and solid modelling, along with 2, 3 and 5 axis machining strategies and wire EDM. The VISI CAD/CAM suite allows the design and manufacture of injection moulds (material flow analysis with VISI Flow) and die stamping tools (progressive unfolding, blank form development and springback). Efficiency improvements for users remain the ultimate goal for the development of VISI 2016 with major improvements concerning entity selection, sketching, 3D dimensional associativity and re-engineered part revision management.  The new 2016R2 version of VISI will be revealed for the first time in France at the MICRONORA Trade Fair on the Vero Software stand.

•    WORKNC is the renowned automatic CAM solution for 2 to 5-axis complex form milling. Its automated roughing and re-roughing toolpaths allow unprecedented material removal rates with the same accustomed levels of security and reliability. Thanks to dynamic stock model management, the software algorithms know exactly where material to be removed is located whilst maintaining collision detection. Meanwhile, the innovative Waveform technology that has been integrated in version WORKNC2016 allows the use of smaller, more fragile tools than ever before whilst offering reduced machining times.

Vero Software - Stand 103 & 105 - Hall C.


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