VISI And EDGECAM Drive GTMA Precision Machining Courses

EDGECAM and VISI CAD/CAM software is being used in a series of precision machining and tooling training courses from the GTMA in partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

A suite of four-day CNC courses run to the end of July, ranging from introductory level through intermediate to advanced for both milling and turning. They are specifically tailored to provide delegates with the skills to perform at the highest level in today’s modern engineering environment.

GTMA Chief Executive Julia Moore says it is important for delegates to have access to what she describes as “one of the world’s most advanced training programmes.” Run by AMRC trainers, they are designed for the precision machining and toolmaking industries. VISI was selected by the AMRC for the milling courses and EDGECAM for turning.
Introductory courses establish an understanding of the first principles of CNC milling and turning. Covering safety considerations around automated CNC machine tools, they also provide a foundation of basic G-code programming, along with manual programming and simulation of several components of varying difficulty.

The intermediate course for each manufacturing technology provides a more in-depth aspect. The turning course includes complex internal machining, along with the tooling and profiles associated with it, while the milling course covers the principles of 2.5D techniques, including an understanding of off-line programming with VISI and post-processing G-codes as well as DNC transfer to the machine tools.

Likely future demands of the ever-changing engineering environment are covered in the advanced level courses. Turning includes CAM programming with EDGECAM, and manufacturing to specification and batch production. Advanced milling shows delegates how VISI CAD/CAM is used for 3D machining, including advanced cutting strategies, 3- and 5-axis programs, complex surface milling and programming a milled part.
Venues are the GTMA’s Manufacturing Resource Centre in Alcester and the AMRC in Sheffield. 



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