Vero Software at Industrie 2016 - CAD/CAM/ERP - Live demos and new versions

Vero Software will present the 2016 versions of its WORKNC, VISI, EDGECAM, RADAN, WORKXPLORE and WORKPLAN software solutions at the Industrie Trade Fair in Paris.

From the 4th to 8th of April, 2016, visitors to the Vero Software stand (Hall 5A Stand M56) at VILLEPINTE in the north of Paris, will be the first to discover the numerous improvements, new features and technological collaboration between the Vero Software Group's products thanks to live machining sessions and presentations of their CAD, CAM and ERP products which are customizeable for all sectors of industry.

Vero Software, a member of SYMOP, is participating in the 'Industry of the Future' event at the INDUSTRIE 2016 Trade Fair.

The innovative Waveform technology which has been developed by Vero Software over the last few years has been integrated into WORKNC Version 2016. This technology considerably improves standard roughing strategies and can be up to 5 times faster than traditional roughing techniques by removing a consistent amount of material, while preserving machine and tool service life. WORKNC ergonomy has been further improved by making it easier to select the different commands and functions in the graphical user interface. Commands are now at the users' fingertips. In WORKNC 2016, the Auto 5 technology, is now available as a fully integrated module. Thanks to this module, users can automatically generate 5 axis toolpaths based on existing 3 axis toolpaths while also taking into consideration the kinematics of the selected 5 axis NC machine.

The  2016R1 version of VISI, the integrated CAD/CAM solution perfectly adapted for the design of 2D and 3D progressive moulds and dies, is also featured on the stand. VISI engineers will also demonstrate improvements made to its VISI Modelling module offering a high level of flexibility for constructing, modifying and repairing the most complex 3D parts along with the new version of the VISI Mould module whose dynamic operation preview feature allows designers to obtain real time visualization of the effects of changing components on the design. VISI 2016 R1 also presents the fast progressive unfolding feature along with new surface modeling tools. Not forgetting the new CAM features added to the 2D machining module.

Visitors to the Vero Software stand will also have the opportunity to discover the major advantages of EDGECAM 2016R1, the production CAM solution, thanks to live demonstrations on a Willemin Macodel 408MT multi-process, simultaneous 5 axis machining centre.

An aeronautics part will be machined using EDGECAM's highly efficient cycles which combine both milling and turning operations in a single programming environment. The EDGECAM Milling/Turning CAM application offers a solution which fully maximizes the potential of multifunctional machining centres.  Milling and turning operations - rotational movements of the stock and the spindle - are integrally simulated in order to prevent eventual collisions offering a safe environment where the machining process and cycle times are fully optimized.

RADAN 2016, the dedicated sheet metal CADCAM solution, will also be present on the Vero stand this year.

Visitors will be able to discover RADTUBE designed for 3 to 6 axis CAM tube cutting. Whatever the origin of the 3D model (wireframe, surface or solid), the application applies the cutting toolpaths with perfection. The power of RADTUBE allows parts to be programmed extremely rapidly and reliably. The toolpath collision simulator is an essential tool for industrialization. RADM-AX is the multi-axis extension of RADTUBE. Machine control also proposes postprocessors which are specifically designed for the major 5 axis (or more) cutting machines available on the market. It is also possible to prepare specific postprocessors upon request for these 2 modules.

WORKPLAN 2016 R1, the ERP/Project Management solution, interfaced with Visi and RADAN as well as WORKXPLORE 2016, the collaborative Viewer Analyser, which is easily deployed in all industrial sectors and all departments within a company: purchasing, quotations, engineering, workshop, quality, sales, etc... concludes the list of Vero Software solutions present at Industrie Paris.

Some parts will also be on show – a drone made from composite material, with a span of 1m 80, designed by Airborne Concept, a startup comapny, and manufactured entirely with WORKNC; along with a terrestial globe made from steel on the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence stand (M55) machined with EDGECAM and which will be used for demonstrations with a Romer Absolute measuring arm.


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