Resellers Say Working With EDGECAM and Adveon™ is Exciting”

EDGECAM resellers around the world are excited about opportunities the integrated Sandvik Coromant Adveon™ Tool Library is giving their EDGECAM customers.
Free with EDGECAM for the remainder of 2014, Adveon is aimed at helping manufacturers save set-up time while improving productivity and security in their milling operations.  EDGECAM is the first CAD/CAM company to integrate Adveon which was launched to resellers at Vero’s Global Resellers Conference.
Sandvik’s Tooling Data Management Specialists Christian Wülbeck and Swapnil Gupta explained about the partnership and how Sandvik’s productivity centres will work with resellers to create focused events for their customers.
The integration provides customers with a single source of data for multiple CNC systems. The library allows the rapid building of tooling databases and ensures automatic access to 3D CAD models for accurate simulation and visualisation. The engineer’s input is reduced, improving both consistency and quality of data.
A number of resellers have already demonstrated Adveon, including M2 Technologies, who found customers, prospects and vendors were excited when they saw it at a “Discover More With Mazak and EDGECAM” event.  Engineer Joe Sanders says: “The local Sandvik office provided an actual tool assembly using a 2” face mill, complete with inserts, tool body, adapter and holder. The components were left unassembled deliberately. This was really useful in relating to the challenges of tool selection.”
He says Adveon’s simplicity in selecting the items required for the tool assembly, and creating a suitable tool record in the EDGECAM Tool database, is “refreshing,” as it helps the user to build it quickly, providing the parts list, assembly length and weight and other relevant information.  “The productivity gains at this stage are highly impressive, with the automatic ability to pass the tool newly created assembly directly into EDGECAM. 
“This creates a tool record in the EDGECAM ToolStore database, complete with parametric definition and graphics of the tool and holder. These two tasks have typically been a tedious and time-consuming task.  Customers tell us the entire process often takes half an hour or longer, even for highly trained users. But with Adveon and EDGECAM, the user quickly selects suitable tooling, and immediately uses the tool assembly for accurate toolpath creation and simulation – in minutes.”
And Steve Harrison, from Silverhawk Solutions, says the opportunity to work with Sandvik to demonstrate Adveon at focused events with EDGECAM, will be invaluable. 
By offering a standardised methodology for cutting tool suppliers to deliver digital tool data to customers, Adveon simplifies and makes the cutting tool data used in CAD/CAM programming more reliable. Support for the ISO 13399 cutting tool data standard allows selection of tools from any supplier and assures the accuracy of the geometrical information. Customers can develop their own libraries, quickly build tool assemblies and see immediate results in 2D and 3D.
  • Adveon is a tool library system developed by cutting tool and tooling systems supplier Sandvik Coromant, and marketed by authorised partner EDGECAM.  
  • EDGECAM is a market-leading CAD/CAM system for CNC part programming that supports a wide variety of milling, turning and mill-turn machining requirements including 3D milling and multi-axis operations. The platform combines ease-of-use with sophisticated toolpath generation and is used globally within a multitude of industries. 


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