EDGECAM & RADAN to Showcase Latest Releases During CMTS 2013

Vero Software’s EDGECAM and RADAN will be showcasing its latest releases during The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS). CMTS is Canada’s main national manufacturing event where thousands of manufacturing professionals go to assess potential suppliers. More than 500 manufacturing companies are represented during the four day event, giving attending professionals an extensive reach and allowing them to find solutions to improve and/or enhance their operations. CMTS will be held at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, from September 30 to October 3, 2013.

Vero Software’s booth #6324 will bring together CAD/CAM solutions for America’s manufacturing industry by providing a wide variety of CAD/CAM solutions including RADAN, the world’s most powerful sheet metal CAD/CAM software and EDGECAM, market leading CAM software for efficient NC part programming directly from native solid CAD data.

EDGECAM will be demonstrating their next generation release – Workflow. Workflow is specifically designed for ease of use. The new release guides the user through the programming process in five easy steps – Native file open, part setup/fixturing, feature creation, toolpath creation, and post processing. Once each step is complete, the user moves intuitively to the next stage, completing each process in turn, resulting in a fully programmed, fully collision-checked part with swift and accurate CNC code generated.

Workflow will have a significant impact on shortening programming time, and because it is so simple to operate, the learning curve for new users is considerably reduced. The end result is effective efficiency meeting todays manufacturing demands to reduce costs, improve quality and meet shorter lead times.

RADAN will be showcasing its unique solutions for sheet metal fabrication, punching, profiling, nesting, and bending. The combination of all enhancements in RADAN 2014 provides greater automation while still providing the operator manual control when required. RADAN 2014 contains key enhancements to the navigational tools, Nesting Work Flow, and the Overall Nest Projects Environment; along with improved integration of Radbend. Customers using Radbend achieve a high return on investment by improving machine green light time and overcoming bottlenecks at press brakes.

EDGECAM, RADAN – Booth #6324


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