Vero Software: Automation, Rapidity and Quality at the BOURGET Trade Fair 2017

Vero Software will present its complete range of digital solutions covering design, quotations, right through to manufacturing, for the aeronautics sector at the BOURGET 2017 Trade Fair in Paris, from June 19 - 25.

The International Paris Air Show - Paris, Le Bourget, with over 100 years of history, is recognized as the epicenter for worldwide market development within the aeronautic and aerospace industries.

Vero’s Marketing Co-ordinator for France, Samantha Mayet, says: “For Vero, it's the perfect occasion to present its new CAD/CAM viewer analyzer and trade oriented ERP software solutions. The wide range of applications covered by these products for operations such as design, visualization, establishing quotes and manufacturing (roughing, finishing and drilling) are perfectly suited to the three essential requirements of these industries: quality, costs and lead times.”

The Vero Software stand in the Rhone-Alpes Pavilion – Hall 4, Alley B, Stand 106 – will feature new machining strategies and technologies from WORKNC, EDGECAM, WORKXPLORE and WORKPLAN.

Waveform Roughing: Time Savings and Reduced Tool Costs

The Waveform strategy significantly improves standard roughing technologies with its consistent material removal, while increasing the tool and machine service life. The Waveform technology has been specifically designed to perform roughing operations at very high speeds, and applies to both Milling and Turning operations.

For 2-, 3- and 5-Axis milling, the lateral step is automatically adjusted in order to maintain a constant chip load over the whole toolpath. It is therefore possible to maintain optimum feed rates during the full cycle which is five times faster than traditional roughing.

In the Turning sector, the Waveform strategy takes into account the state of the stock model which ensures that 'air cutting' is avoided. Just as in the Waveform milling mode, machining is performed using the full cutting length of the tool, equally distributing the load and not only on the tip of the tool. Stepovers are automatically adjusted, maintaining a constant load on the cutter, which allows efficient chip evacuation through the drill flutes.

Results from Waveform turning benchmarks have shown a material removal rate three times higher than with traditional methods.

This technology is being progressively integrated into Vero Software's different CAM solutions, including WORKNC, the 2- to 5- axis CAM solution for complex geometries; VISI, the integrated CAD/CAM solution and EDGECAM, the production oriented combined milling and turning CAM solution.

High feed cutter management: Highly productive and top quality finishing

The new Parallel Finishing strategy from WORKNC, which benefits from the Advanced Toolform technology, offers its users improved surface quality, reduced machining times and longer tool service life.
o account the real physical geometry of the cutting tool, whether it is a high-feed tool, a standard tool or whatever form of convex tool.

Machining a part with a larger radius results in smaller and smoother cusps which are more widely spaced allowing the use of larger stepovers and reduced machining times of up to 70%.

“Furthermore, thanks to this new technology, positive or negative stock allowances can be defined. This is new.”

The most powerful and fast tool for CAD file visualization and analysis on the market

Parts for the aeronautics sector evolve very quickly, and numerous tests are required for the maintenance and revision of these structural elements. The WORKXPLORE Viewer/Analyzer can read and manage 3D models imported from a wide range of CAD systems to improve and make more cost-effective the collaboration and design data sharing capabilities between organizations and different partners involved in projects, by using the application's annotation functions.

Automation and real-time management of manufacturing processes:  Industry 4.0

Samantha Mayet says: “WORKPLAN, Vero’s project management software, allows customers to achieve and maintain the high levels of conformity demanded by this sector of activity by collecting all data relative to each project while controlling costs, reducing bottlenecks, managing documentation and producing performance reports (delays, quality, prices).

“Thanks to the direct interfaces which have been developed between WORKPLAN and Vero Software's CAD/CAM WORKNC, VISI, EDGECAM and RADAN applications, all technical data, bills of materials, and programs, as well as machining times, can be synchronized in WORKPLAN with a single mouse click, allowing tight control and step by step analysis of the complete manufacturing process.”

“WORKPLAN is a tool intended for use by everyone. A direct connection between the Sales, Engineering and Production Planning departments and also including the Purchasing, Production and Quality Control departments ensure faster and improved manufacturing processes with maximum flexibility.”

Vero Software -  Pavillon Rhône Alpes Hall 4 -  Allée B - stand 106


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