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Live EDGECAM Workflow Demonstrations at the Discover More With Mazak Event

EDGECAM, a powerful CAM software for solids machining, along with their reseller M2 Technologies, are holding live programming demonstrations at the Discover More With Mazak Event, May 14th – 16th, 2013 at the Mazak Northeast Regional Headquarters and Technology Center in Windsor Locks, CT.

The event will focus on part manufacturing solutions specifically for those shops working in aerospace, automotive, medical and other key regional industries.  The event will also showcase breakthrough advancements in machine tools, powerful cutting demonstrations and expert presentations.  

EDGECAM will be holding programming demonstrations using their next generation release – Workflow.  Workflow has been specifically designed for manufacturers to reduce costs, improve quality and hit shorter lead times.  Joe Sanders, Solutions Engineer and Manufacturing Specialist for M2 Technologies, will be demonstrating EDGECAM Workflow on a special tablet designed for the shop floor.  The new interface guides the user through the programming process in four easy and quick steps – part setup, feature creation, toolpath creation, and post processing.  Once each step is complete, the user moves seamlessly to the next stage, completing each process in turn, resulting in a fully programmed, fully collision-checked, part with swift and accurate CNC code generated.

Workflow will have a significant impact on shortening programming time, and because it is so simple to operate, the learning curve for new users is considerably reduced. The traditional CAM commands remain available at all times, and the user can alternate between the two.
Workflow live:  Discover More With Mazak Event, May 14th - 16th.


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