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EDGECAM Workflow’s Touch Screen Demo

Delegates at EDGECAM’s Japanese reseller conference saw the new Workflow application demonstrated on a touch screen using Windows 8 without a mouse or keyboard.

“This demonstrates how EDGECAM is progressing to the future, showing ultimate ease of use with less input and fewer commands,” says Akihiro Goto, Director of EDGECAM KK in Japan. “We believe this may have been the world’s first CAM conference using a touch screen demonstration.”

Workflow enables CAD/CAM engineers to apply toolpaths within seconds by aiding in loading and positioning the component, choosing the manufacturing method and suitable machine tools, adding user defined stock or stock from a database, importing fixtures, selecting a machine and toolkit, and managing strategies to automate manufacture.
EDGECAM resellers from across Japan attended the conference in Nagoya, which included presentations on the latest release, EDGECAM 2013 R2, along with updates on other products in the Vero stable in Japan, VISI and WORKNC.

The event also celebrated EDGECAM’s 30th birthday, and the tenth anniversary of EDGECAM KK.
Akihiro Goto says: “EDGECAM KK highlights EDGECAM to production machining companies as being the most intelligent CAM system, and the bridge between several CAD systems and a single manufacturing environment, especially for production milling, drilling, turning and millturn machines.” And Masaaki Waguri, Managing Director of reseller Aiwa System Solutions says: “Most recent CAM systems look similar. Nobody other than EDGECAM has a unique solution. Its future is extremely bright.”

For a demonstration of Workflow being driven by touch screen, click this link: http://www.edgecam.com/edgecamworkflow


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