Workflow Makes EDGECAM Training Faster and Easier

As well as enabling engineers to apply accurate toolpaths within seconds, EDGECAM’s game-changing Workflow tools are having a significant impact on training.
EDGECAM Training Team Leader Simon Blakey says Workflow means users all learn at the same fast pace. “Simple ‘flow’ steps are followed after loading a solid, with the most frequently used icons placed together in ribbon format. This new ease of use for aligning the component, adding to existing commands, adding stock and fixtures, and machining solid features, assists even new users, who’ve never seen EDGECAM before, to have a fully programmed prismatic feature-rich solid within as few as five commands.”
He says this leads to more ‘hands-on’ practice time, which also makes it easier to learn. “In effect, EDGECAM functionality used to be taught over a number of visits, and Strategy Manager was needed for a manufacturer to write their own strategies. With Workflow this can be achieved with a handful of commands in the first hour of the first day’s training.”
The most significant change to training is that the customer does not need a full grasp of every EDGECAM command – a CNC program can be created quickly and easily, and can be edited to their exact requirements. Manufacturers who’ve been trained on Workflow say they now apply toolpaths within seconds by using the new ribbon toolbars, interactive part set-up, stock and machine manager functions.
And as a former EDGECAM customer himself, Simon Blakey says Workflow is the ideal way of creating safe, reliable CNC programs.


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