EDGECAM Version 9.5 - February 2005

Support for Sandvik Coromant Wiper inserts for turning tools 
Achieve twice the feedrate or twice as good a surface finish.

Undercutting in Profiling cycle
Quick and easy undercut machining (using lollipop or t-slot cutters); useful in areas such as the aerospace and automotive industry.

3D curve support in Profiling cycle
Ideally suited for trimming, de-burring and de-flashing.

New Facemill operation
Building on new dialog format introduced in version 9, new Facemill operation with unique graphical interface helps speed up programming and increases usability.

Autodesk Inventor assembly support
Loads *.iam files directly into EDGECAM. EDGECAM Solid Machinist respects project paths and sub-assemblies and complies with Autodesk data management rules.

Improved IGES import
New options allow the user to clean and heal surfaces, convert BREP solids into surfaces and load surfaces as Parasolid bodies.

EDGECAM Simulator enhancements
Improved collision detection and enhanced display tolerance for more lifelike rendering. Improved STL export optimised for in-process stock.

EDGECAM Part Modeler 9.5 enhancements
Mouse controls for zooming, panning and window selection have been aligned with those in EDGECAM. User interface changes such as display settings and left-hand browser window provide consistency with EDGECAM. Educational and student edition now available.

Improved lathe setup and editing for advanced turning
allows the part to be transferred easily onto a different machine tool.

Updated tutorials and printed "Getting Started" guide
provide a simple and quick introduction to EDGECAM.