EDGECAM Version 7.5 - January 2003

Improved Parallel Lace cycle
Exclude Flat Areas and Perpendicular Lace options added. Use in conjunction with Flat Land Finishing, released at version 6.75 to provide improved surface finish and reduced cycle time.

Pencil Milling
now offers multiple pass option and supoort for Granite and STL models

Rest Finishing 
New Pencil Trace option to machine a final pass along the centre line of the machined area.

Interface to 3D Motion controllers
Allows user to use both hands to drive the computer, which speeds up the programming process.

File preview
Thumbnail images of part can be viewed within the File Open dialogue and Explorer window to provide easy identification of part.

Feedback window 
Information can now be displayed within a dockable dialogue window and allows the information to be copied and pasted to other dialogues.

EDGECAM Strategy Manager 
Now includes template file, print option for strategies and ability to add run-time questions to nodes.

EDGECAM Simulator New All metallic display option available.