EDGECAM Version 2010 R2

Background Processing & Multi Threading

EDGECAM release 2010 R2 delivers significant productivity improvements through the ability to carry out multiple toolpath calculations in background. Internal testing at Planit software Ltd. has shown that up to 4 times faster toolpath creation can be achieved. Furthermore whilst background processing takes place the user can continue building the instruction sequence in the foreground without restriction.


Angled Head Support

Full support for angled head tools in the Milling environment is now available.

Extending EDGECAM’s already extensive 3, 4 and 5 Axis solutions. This provides additional machining capabilities and combined with enhancements to the EDGECAM Tool Store, using these tools is made easy.


Feature Finder

The feature finder has been enhanced to complement the angled head support, enabling you to identify and machine hole features within components, providing greater flexibility in the way you manufacture components.

An additional enhancement to the feature finder operation is the ability to choose whether you would like to rough and finish features individually or complete the roughing operation for all features and subsequently finish them. This provides the ability to reduce machining times by completing operations in the most efficient way.


Multi Tool

Utilisation of multi tools dramatically saves time in the machining process, removing the time consuming need to completely change the tool. The latest release of EDGECAM provides complete support for multiple tools in a single tool position, such as Sandvik Mini Turrets. With full simulation of multi tools you can be sure their manufacturing will be collision free.


Hole Feature Finder

The hole feature finder has been enhanced, with the ability to define specific hole attributes that can be named and stored for later use.

Combined with EDGECAM’s knowledge based manufacturing solution, Strategy Manager, you can automatically apply specific manufacturing processes where the defined hole feature is present. You can utilise the “feature teacher” to define features that can be machined with special purpose tools or where there is a common hole feature that is typically used across a number of components. Whatever the hole feature, this new enhancement provides significant improvement to hole machining productivity.


Thread Mill

EDGECAM 2010 R2 develops the extensive Thread Mill capabilities into the Mill Turn environment, delivering a greater number of machining capabilities and functionality. In addition, the Thread Mill operation for milling has been enhanced to provider greater ease of use.