EDGECAM Version 2009 R2

Flat Face features

Machine new feature type with Face Milling, Flat Land Finishing and Roughing cycles.

Roughing cycle
fixture avoidance automatically recognises and avoids collision against fixtures.

In Process Stock
extended to Roughing cycle in milling. Open Pocket support in Flat Land Finishing cycle.

5-Axis simultaneous machining enhancements, including new ‘Blend Between’ operation, checking of linear axis limits and new direct approach option.

Feature transfer
between spindles – Copy or move features between main and sub-spindle at will. Tapered Threads supported.

New Rough Grooving Strategy
Sequential Castellation offers best tool life and swarf.

New Rough and Finish Turn operations.

Safe Turret Parking
option to return the turret to a safe co-ordinate position and index station prior to sub-spindle docking.

Solid Machinist enhancements
including automatically deleting duplicate features, feature finding all holes, improved feature finding that ignores stock bodies, and cutting angle properties for turn features.

ToolStore enhancements
including support for angled grooving and parting off tools, new Probe tool type, holder-compatible tool selection and F-Distance for Turn and Bore tools.

Safer indexing
Enhancements to existing modifiers and new options improve the safe approach of the tool after an index move.

New Simulator
options for the treatment of waste stock.