EDGECAM Version 2009 R1

5-Axis nutated head
head/head and head/table configurations supported for multi-plane and 5-axis simultaneous machining.

New Rest Finishing cycle
with support for more tool types, quick selection of previous tool and so on.

New Hole cycle
strategies: Helical and Back Bore.

New Rough Turn cycle
functionality includes enhanced Cut Direction settings, Stock Runout option, Rapids at High Feed Rate and ability to use In Process Stock.
Variable Machining across turn profiles using the Finish Turn cycle

New In Process Stock
(Turning) can be updated to show affects of machining on the stock.

New Groove Features
bring the benefits of feature based turning to grooves.

Enhanced material selection
Option to adjust technology values.

Associative toolchange to ToolStore link.

Spindle speed capping
allows you to set a maximum limit on spindle speeds, imposed within EDGECAM.

Enhanced feedrate checking.

Solid Machinist enhancements
including Recycle Bin for features, ability to selectively hide features, non-machinable feature indication and enhanced machining with strategies.

Machining attributes for turn features
(imported from Part Modeler) are used by the Finish Turning cycle to calculate feedrate and constant offset values.

Part Modeler enhancements
including surface attributes, stock property for component.