EDGECAM Version 12.5 - March 2008

New Rough Turn cycle
offering finish pass cusp removal, variable cut depth to cater for ceramic inserts and/or hard materials and improved reliability for Dynamic Billeting.

5-Axis Machining enhancements
including new Cusp Height and Preferred Rotary Solution options, and support for Granite-based solid models.

New Threading operation
in the turn environment.

New Feature Finder
dialog allows you to find all your required Mill and Turn features more quickly and easily.

Features window
enhanced with List view for quicker and easier working with features.

Enhanced Turn
features (including new Bore type) are easier and more intuitive to machine and offer more automatic machining possibilities, using strategies.

New Group Holes command
collect Hole features into 'identical property' groups.

Automatically Align Solid Body for Turning.

Enhanced sub-spindle transfer
for more control over which features are copied over.

Chuck setup
supported by a new tab in the Machining Sequence dialog.

Strategy Manager enhancements
including Mill/Turn compatibility, new attributes and so on.

ToolStore enhancements
including ability to host SQL ToolStore databases on a server.

Probing cycles introduced
to interface with Renishaw Inspection Plus software on the machine.

Part Modeler enhancements
including custom properties for Hole features and new Face Thread feature.