EDGECAM Version 11.5 - March 2007

Time savings of up to 50%
in the generation of cutter toolpaths.

5-Axis simultaneous machining
expanded to support the programming of machines with standard or complex table/table configurations, for example nutated tables.

New 5-Axis roughing capability
Multiple Pass and Multiple Depth options - applied individually or in conjunction with each other - provide the user with greater flexibility and toolpath control.

New strategy in Rest Finishing cycle
automatically selects the most appropriate toolpath for steep or shallow contours, ensuring optimum surface finish.

Hole machining enhancements
include new Depth type in Hole cycle and new easy-to-use hole operations for milling and turning.

EDGECAM Simulator
offers significant improvements to the speed of simulation that are particularly beneficial in the simulation of 5-Axis, surface and helical toolpaths.

EDGECAM Solid Machinist enhancements
include support for O-ring grooves and new Hole Feature properties for better definition of hole termination.

EDGECAM Part Modeler 
New tabbed interface and customizable menus and toolbars with advanced features such as flyouts and extended tooltips - consistent with EDGECAM - make EDGECAM Part Modeler intuitive and easy to use, providing a smooth and seamless transition from design to manufacture.